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Winona Lake, IN



The Final Push…

Can you believe the school year is almost finished? There’s just one delivery left on the Grace College calendar, and we have a super special for you! To make it easier to encourage your student through finals, we’re giving a 10% on all of our regular pre-set boxes.

And don’t forget about our Spring Cleaning package, just in time for packing up and vacating the dorm rooms!

Filling your Cart and finishing your order…


Whenever you select a box and fill out a student information form, the item is added to your shopping cart (see graphic to the left). Click on the shopping cart (usually in the top right of your screen) to complete your order.

Delivery Dates:

• April 25, 2018

Please place your order by the Saturday before the desired delivery date.

Pre-set packages:

Whether you go basic, or upgrade to Plus, or Premium, our pre-set care packages are a great way to encourage your student as the new semester begins.

Birthday Options

Does your student have a birthday in February? Help celebrate their special day, with our party-in-a-box birthday packages. Balloons, cupcakes, birthday cakes and more are sure to fill the day with fun!

As the school year winds down, take advantage of this super practical Spring Cleaning care package! Perfect for end-of-year cleaning.

Add A Gift Card!

Now you can add a $25 gift card to any box you buy! This is a great way to add value to any care package, and give your student a little extra spending money!