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Grace Care Package Donations

History: A few years ago Grace alumna heard about our care package program. Not having any children enrolled at Grace, she still wanted to participate, and asked about donating a package to a deserving student. As we considered the options, we realized that Grace had roughly fifty missionary kids and international students. Having lived overseas and worked in missions herself, the founder of Kerith Creek realized that this was a perfect opportunity to support a group of people for whom she cares deeply. One of our values is to encourage those who are far from family and friends—and who fits this description better than those who have come to Grace from another country?

How it works: Go to Grace’s page on the Kerith Creek web site (the photo above is a quick link to that page) and explore our care package options. Once you choose the box you would like to donate, click the button that says, “Buy Now.” In the form that follows, type “Donation Box” in place of the student’s first and last name. (Don’t worry about filling in any of the rest of the student information; for blanks that require an entry, just type “NA”.) You will also have the option to write a short note of encouragement. Then, in the “From:” blank, indicate how you would like to be identified on the package. You don’t have to give your name. You could give a creative description, such as “A former missionary,” “A caring Grace Alumnus,” or “A friendly well-wisher.”

A student’s name will then be drawn at random from our list of missionary kids and international students, and the lucky student will receive your care package.

If you have any questions, click on “Contact Us” in the menu above, and we'll be happy to try to answer. Thanks in advance for ministering to this very special group of students!